British Video Gaming – Introduction

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British videos

When you think of video game producers, it’s probably countries such as the USA and Japan that first come to mind (remember that scrolling list of unpronounceable names that appeared in the credits upon completion of Super Mario?). Rightly so, because they are the top two producers of video games in the world.

But did you know that the UK is the 4th biggest game developing country (Canada has recently taken the 3rd spot) and the UK gaming industry is the 6th biggest in the world?

In such a fast-growing industry the figures are changing all the time, but it’s estimated that the UK gaming industry is worth around £1.7 billion to the economy, employing up to 25,000 people in over 2,000 gaming companies.

British video games span a whole range of platforms. The first text-based computer game, MUD, was created back in 1978 and since then we’ve been whisked through worlds of adventure on a multitude of gaming devices – both handheld and console-based. Most recently, of course, the mobile gaming industry has exploded as game developers have branched into the world of apps.

Over the gaming industry’s 40 plus years of history we’ve seen huge technological advances – do you remember a day when the only way to play a game with friends was to be in the same room with them using multiplayer mode? Now we can connect and play with strangers on the other side of the world.

There have also been huge jumps forward in terms of broadening the appeal of video games to women and children. What was once a male-dominated industry has now pretty much evened up in terms of users – it’s just in the types of games played where a divide remains.

From the PC classic Lemmings to the world-famous Grand Theft Auto series which is about to celebrate its 20th birthday, on this website we explore and celebrate some of the games that have made the British video game industry so successful, as well as those that are just breaking into the market and continuing to push new boundaries.

If you have a favourite British video game you’d like us to feature here then just drop us a line and tell us what makes it so special to you and why you think it is worthy of recognition.